Munchkinfest 2010 + Unearthed 1988 home movie

Watching "A Christmas Story"

So, Snootsketeers, I was in Denver for a week over the Holidays, and (due to popular demand) brought back pictures of my niece, Wynne. I will share them here and try to write enough copy to spread the pictures out nicely. Also, make sure you read the whole thing through; at the end I am going to segue (effortlessly, per usual) to a link where you can watch one of the many SHOCKING home movies I participated in back in the 80’s.

New X-Mas outfit.

Wynne (a.k.a. Munchkin) is still in the 99th percentile height-wise (she’s never been lower than 99), but she is beginning to trend downward weight-wise — 82nd percentile or so these days.

Playing light-sabers.

She is at that point where her vocabulary is about to explode. Currently she has ~20 or so words (“Ty-Ty” being one of them), but she is babbling about everything and can mimic things you say (on the last night, it was “love you”).

On the trike I assembled 12/24.

She’s hilarious, and a big laugher, most of the time. When she isn’t, she’s just as hilarious. A couple of times before her bedtime, she had something she NEEDED to play with removed from her hands by Brad or Linsey, and then started

With a non-Mathers dog.

pitching a fit (I’m laughing just typing this) where she was crying/fake-crying on the carpet, WRITHING around and desperatley trying to get attention while Brad, Linsey and myself held a normal conversation and ignored her. A big SNOOTY SHOUT-OUT to Brad and Lins for excellent parenting.

And whenever she picks something up, she just knows how it works. Even with something as complicated as my dad’s briefcase (pictured), she was flipping through the numbers and pulling the switch.

(Starting to segue now), one day the four of us went to the Denver Aquarium, and my new Canon PowerShot camera (thanks, Santa!) fucking TOOK OVER.

[Football announcer] Hey, you wanna talk about MAKING MEMORIES?? You wanna talk about DIGITALLY PRESERVING the imagery of a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG FAMILY at the Aquarium?? Well, look at this! Right here!

At the Aquarium. Could you tell?

What he was alluding to was this little video I shot/edited of Munchkin’s day at the Aquarium. It’s quite cute, if I do say so myself.

After I cut that, I reflected on how much technology has changed since the days of my first movie-making. That Aquarium video was shot entirely on a $100 camera (that weighs one pound and fits in the side pocket of my Carhartt work pants) and edited in a matter of hours. Back in the day (namely, my teens) when I was making terrible horror “films,” everything was quite different. Things were shot on tape, on camcorders that cost TONS OF MONEY.

Most importantly, there was absolutely no “editing,” per se, whatsoever. That meant the entire movie had to be shot sequentially. And God forbid someone fucked up a take, because that meant rewinding the tape, waching it back in the viewfinder, and pressing “stop” at, hopefully, a satisfactory-enough edit point. If you were lucky, you wound up with something just this side of “unwatchable.”

Amazingly enough, only a few days after thusly waxing nostalgic, I received, out of the blue,  a message from Carter, one of my two best friends growing up. He had unearthed one of our old horror sequences and posted it online.

That's me on the left, avoiding being stabbed.

Here it is, in all its cringe-worthy glory. A couple of notes: (1) this is Carter’s bedroom/house  (2) Carter is behind camera; that’s my other BFF, John, trying to kill me (3) I was normally the one behind camera, but thankfully I’m not in this one, because you can hear how fucking high my voice was (I’m probably 14 or 15 at the time), and see what was going on with my hair back then, which wasn’t pretty. Enjoy!



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3 responses to “Munchkinfest 2010 + Unearthed 1988 home movie

  1. alexis

    I skipped ahead to the movie. LOL. horrifying.

  2. Your high voice is HIL-AR-IOUS!

  3. Brad

    Thanks again for the awesome movie of Munchkin, we love it

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