Prance on the Ground

******* HOLIDAY RIDDLE *******

Q: What is Snoots getting for Christmas?

A: Left!

Yesterday, we in Boston finally got  our first snowfall of the winter — about two inches’ worth where I live. And while that made driving around town last night an absolute nightmare, it did provide for one of my favorite occurrences of the annual dog-owning cycle — Snoots getting his prance on in the snow.

He hates the rain, but Snoots really loves himself a snow-dusting. His whole body language on walks changes, there’s infinitely more spring in his step, and this morning at the park, he took not one, not two, but five consecutive runs at a flock of pigeons eating some crumbs — a brief return to glory of his younger years when he could reach the high 20’s MPH racing down the driveway of Orange Springs Farm.

And am I the only one getting a wee bit excited for American Idol? (did you notice the pun in the title of this posting? You know, when it smacked you in the face?)  Is it me, or have most of the promos on FOX gone out of their way to hide J-Lo and S-Ty and featured Randy Jackson? Talk about irony. Or some word that’s sorta like irony.

This could be our last post before the 25th — I’ll be in Colorado attending Munchkinfest (pictures to come) — and Snoots will be down the street at the D’Amaral household. Until then, here’s a holiday card from the two of us. Merry merry.



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3 responses to “Prance on the Ground

  1. Nana

    And may you and Snoots have a safe and Cool Yule as well!! Peace, joy, good health & cheers to you in the coming New Year too.

  2. wendyroberts617

    Looking like a dog with his prance on the ground.
    Merry Christmas, Snoots and Snoots’ Caregiver!


  3. My favorite holiday card. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Snuggles to Munchkin!

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