Snoots On the Road — Thanksgiving 2010


Drive from Boston to NYC.  Grab a frosty PBR at Walter’s Bar (right). Snoots starts the night on Keller’s bed, then moves to the floor, then my “cot” (thirty inches wide at the most), before ending up on the floor.


Drive from NYC to DC.  Stop along the way in southern PA to pick up Clyde (Snooty’s best friend, who had spent the last week with Keller’s friend Courtney).  Clyde runs out the door, Snooty hops out of the car, and… jailbreak.  The two families inside the house, preparing Thanksgiving lunch, get to watch the entire spectacle (Keller on foot, me in the car) and form opinions on the two of us before we’ve so much as entered the house. I track down the Ding-Dongs in the car in five minutes, thankfully.

Stop in DC for a photo-op on the “Exorcist Steps” (right).

Spend the night on Mav & Tara’s couch, with Snoots aggressively maintaining his spot between me and the back of the sofa.


Visits with Chris Dolan and Carol (who have since moved to Paris) and Keller’s sister Gisele’s family. Another night, another sofa; Snoots spends the majority of the time in a ball on my feet/ankles.


Drive down to Orange Springs Farm.  Lots of cow-chasing and general douchebaggery, though no official jailbreaks.  Temperatures dip into the 20’s at night, so we sleep in the “warm room,” where Snoots is all take and no give on the sofa/blanket front. An awful night of non-restorative sleep.


Drive all the way back up to Boston. Takes less than two minutes to get from “pulling in the driveway” to “lights out.” Finally, Snooty has space to do his thing.

MON/TUES, NOV. 29/30

Drive down to Foxwoods (walked out ahead thanks to the biggest pot I’ve ever won). Snoots stays with the Cunha family in Milton. One day, I get the text SNOOTS LIKES HUMAN BEDS. Then, this photo at right, taken in the master bedroom.



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3 responses to “Snoots On the Road — Thanksgiving 2010

  1. Carmen Grayson

    Muchly enjoyed reading about your trek, chiens et amies.

  2. Brooke

    My favorite post ever!!!

  3. Wendy

    I was losing sleep, wondering where and how Snoots spend his Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for the update!


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