Playoff Preview: Beer Burglars vs. Big Ten

BRIGHTON — The eyes of the softball world will be on Daly Field tonight when the Beer Burglars face Big Ten — a dangerous, surging opponent — in the opening quarterfinal game of the BWCS double-elimination tournament.

The second-seeded Burglars (11-1) carry a ten-game winning streak into the 6:15 showdown.

Tenth-seeded Big Ten (9-4) advanced to the double-elimination portion of the bracket by winning their play-in game vs. seventh-seeded Master Batters.  It was one of two “upsets” of the six play-in games; 21 Nickels (7-6) shocked the softball community to its very foundation by eliminating the third-seeded Buffs Pub. Their reward: a showdown with top-seeded Nice Peepers (11-1).



.                                                                 Beer Burglars (6-1)               Big Ten  (6-2)

Nice Peepers    (11-1)                                 L, 1-17                                   L, 5-17

Dirt Devils         (9-3)                                 W, 19-14                                W, 22-4

Master Batters  (8-4)                              W, 15-13                                  W, 13-12

.                                                                                                                    W (play-in game)

Boilermakers   (4-8)                                 W, 20-8                                   L, 14-15

V. Vikings          (4-8)                                 W, 18-8                                   W, 18-5

Balls Deep          (4-8)                                 W, 16-6                                  W (forfeit)

AgencyPort      (2-10)                               W, 16-0                                  W, 22-3

After the game, Burglars pitcher Tyler Mathers will drive across town to pitch for his modified-fast-pitch team, the Brewsers, who, in their three-year incarnation, have won exactly one game. Their opponent tonight is The Fours, the team they beat in 2009 to get off the Schneid, and against whom they hope to end their losing streak of approximately seventeen games.


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One response to “Playoff Preview: Beer Burglars vs. Big Ten

  1. Wendy

    wish I could come cheer the Brewsers on tonight – dinner plans interfere. Damnit. Best of luck to ye.

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