Belated paw, random web-surfer

Dear Random Web-Surfer:

Two days ago, you stumbled across this little blog while searching online for, and I quote, “snooty owners at dog parks.” I know this because WordPress tells me what terms have been entered into search engines to bring people to this site.

Results of google image search.

Normally it’ll be a couple of “snooty observer”s a week (and we are flattered by those)… but the other day, there it was in black and white. “[S]nooty owners at dog parks.”

And obviously you were a person on a mission, seeing as how that this website is listed at the bottom of the fourth page on a google search of those four words.

In any case, a big, belated paw. Hope to see you again!




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3 responses to “Belated paw, random web-surfer

  1. Brad

    Now you’re up to 1st page, 4th result

  2. Wendy

    I am just dying to know what that surfer was really looking for… and if he’s now a repeat reader. Interesting stuff. Love site analytics.

  3. Brooke

    Love the comment “big, belated paw” That’s awesome. Give me a paw Snoots McGoots!

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