First-place Burglars win three more


.          1 2 3   4 5 6   7

BB     2 3 1   5 4 0   1  — 16

DB     0 0 0  4 0 0  2  — 6

In a steady rainstorm at Watertown’s Casey Field, Burglars are never challenged. A soft line drive dropped by SS Justin Drechsler with two outs in the 4th inning opens the floodgates to four unearned runs and costs the Burglars a five-inning Slaughter Shutout.


Burglars noticeably improve with captain Drechsler and pitcher Tyler Mathers sidelined (gambling trip).


.          1 2 3   4 5 6   7

BB     8 3 0   1 0 4   3  — 19

DB     0 1 6   3 3 0  1  — 14

HR: Badger 2 (4); Ground-rule 3B: Jorge 2 (2)

At Daly Field, the Burglars roared out to an 11-0 lead, managed to fall behind 13-12, then gutted out a big win to maintain their newfound first-place standing in the BWCS.

“Typical Burglars shit,” texted Drechsler, who missed the game due to work obligations.

That the Burglars (8-1) could play the game at all — let alone field a full squad of ten — was in thanks to “Female” Ryan Donaghy, who brought with her three Super Subs, including Jorge [last name unknown], who hit two bombs into Daly’s left-center trees for ground-rule triples. Donaghy herself reached base four times, scoring twice.

Meanwhile, erstwhile slugger Danny Badger went 5-for-5, hit for the cycle, and added a back-breaking, two-run, two-out home run in the 7th inning. He also applied the game-ending tag on some idiotic Dirt Devil who got caught in a rundown (trailing by five runs with two outs) between second and third base.

Mathers (7-1) struggled, both on the mound (where he walked two batters) and at the plate (striking out looking when he lost track of the count).

Burglars play again Monday night vs. RMR.



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2 responses to “First-place Burglars win three more

  1. Tigs

    No mention of the tip I caught off Will’s glove for an out? Tragic.

  2. Brad

    Sign Jorge now. Mathers must lead the league in run support.

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