TSO’s Hitler meme

For those of you tech-savvy people painfully familiar with the nearly-two-year-long onslaught of internet Hitler memes, please continue surfing to another page. Nothing to see here.

Hitler meme #6,107, about Manchester United.

If not, here’s the deal: In 2008, viral videos started emerging in which people subtitled a scene from Der Untergang, a German film about the last days of the Third Reich. In the scene, Hitler is screaming at a group of his officers… but the subtitles added to the clip were about humorously mundane topics from the 21st century. They became so popular that there was a feature on them in the New York Times Magazine.

Things got so out of hand that the German studio which produced the film petitioned YouTube to get them taken off the internet.

The cause of Hitler's latest rant.

I was late to the party, but decided to make one for my brother and his wife Linsey about their daughter — my niece and West Coast god-daughter, Wynne, a.k.a. “Munch” — about how much I missed her.  Here it is*; keep your expectations low, unless you possess at least a rudimentary knowledge of Munchkin and her cuteness.

N.B.: both of my parents independently e-mailed me to warn me that it’s quite vulgar, and I should seriously consider taking it down lest some potential employer go to the trouble of watching the whole thing through.

* I would embed the video here, but WordPress was all, “It costs $60/year to have that option in your blog.”



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3 responses to “TSO’s Hitler meme

  1. Brad

    If I didn’t have a season pass to Munchkinfest, let alone just one ticket, I would tremble and berate my staff, too.

    See more of Munchkinfest at:

  2. Oh man. That was good! Real, real good.

  3. Wendy

    finally back in my blogs… this was well worth the wait.
    Are you selling Munchkinfest t-shirts?


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