Beer Burglars 11, Dizzy Buddha 6

.          1 2 3   4 5 6   7

BB     4 2 0   2 0 2   1  — 11

DB     2 0 2   0 2 0  0  — 6

HR: Poulz (2), Badger (2); Ground-rule 3B: Poulz (1)

HYDE PARK — Playing responsible, fundamentally sound softball, the Beer Burglars administered a humdrum, nondescript 11-6 beating to Dizzy Buddha Wednesday night at Connell Field.

In playing (essentially) error-free softball for the second straight game, the Burglars (5-1) ran their winning streak to four.

What little excitement could be gleaned from the game came from the bats of Danny Badger and Jeremy Poulz, both of whom hit their second home runs of the season. Poulz (4-for-4 on the night) added a ground-rule triple and two doubles, and recorded something like eight putouts in left field.

Buddha’s bats were completely contained by the nigh-on-robotic Burglar defense. Three times pitcher Tyler “Steamboat” Mathers (5-1) went through the Buddha lineup; three times the top of said lineup produced two runs whilst the bottom was sneutralized.

The game was perhaps most interesting in its numerology. After the Burglars scored 4 in the top of the first, the two teams alternated putting 0’s and 2’s on the scoreboard for six innings. The Burglars’ seventh-inning insurance run accounted for the only odd number on the scoreboard for the entire game.

The Burglars will try to make it five in a row on June 10th vs. Balls Deep.



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4 responses to “Beer Burglars 11, Dizzy Buddha 6

  1. Clyde

    How about some Snooty snideline shots? Or is he busy as the bat boy?

  2. Wendy

    I’m with Clyde on this one.

  3. Wendy

    and congrats on the big W!

  4. Bob

    “The game was perhaps most interesting in its numerology. ”
    Jesus, I thought PLAYING softball was boring.
    But it’s like sex compared to READING ABOUT softball.
    More Snooty posts, please.

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