Lost’s replacement…

…as the best scripted show on network television is probably Friday Night Lights. If you’ve never seen it, go to a place where DVD’s are sold or rented, and buy them — or rent them. Or, Netflix them.

The Taylors, the main family on the show, have two children. Julie, 17, is smoking hot jailbait. The other one, Gracie Belle, is (cruelly/ironically) quite possibly the ugliest baby in the world…

…who reminds me of a certain former co-worker of mine from 2008:

Also, when you watch online (Season 4 only), you get multiple viewings of one of the most wonderfully random commercials ever made. I call it “When Cats Drop Acid.”



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2 responses to “Lost’s replacement…

  1. Jesse Sherwood

    clear eyes, full hearts….

  2. Linsey & Wynne

    After reading this, I watched all of this season’s episodes online. I’m hooked.

    Wynne says, “Smooches, Uncle Ty. Dad’s working on the Skype thingy.”

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