The greatest compliment

[as told to me by friend of the blog Bob Cunha, and embellished by my imagination. Backstory: 99% of my facebook time is spent playing Scrabble vs. Bob, and Wordtwist vs. his wife Kathy]



The kids fast asleep, BOB and KATHY sit at the island in their kitchen. KATHY flips through a magazine and drinks a glass of wine. BOB is on his laptop. He logs in to facebook and opens up his Scrabble game versus TYLER to find that TYLER has just played a bingo (seven-letter word) to pull ahead by one hundred points.

.                                BOB

.             Tyler is a mother…..

.                               KATHY

.            … fucker!!



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3 responses to “The greatest compliment

  1. Wendy

    As a former Scrabble opponent, I can attest to the truthiness of this story.

  2. Nana D

    Well done Tyler! Winky why don’t you play against Tyler anymore?? Your a word genius!

  3. Bob

    Actually, we were lying in bed, generally ignoring each other and drinking Popov from a plastic gallon jug. Otherwise story true.

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