The wonder of it all

I am coming to you live from the tenth floor of the Grand Pequot hotel at Foxwoods. It’s 2:30 a.m. and I just wrapped up day one of my two-day trip down here, up $215. This is one of the best parts of the day (assuming a winning session), when I can change into my jammies, inhale my burger and fries from Fuddrucker’s, watch TV, and unwind.

What’s so cool about Foxwoods (and, I assume, the majority of casinos out there) is how much free shit they will give you (provided you’re sitting down and gambling). First off, they’ll give you two free nights a week in the hotel (weekends excluded). The room I’m in has a king-size bed and flat screen TV. Next, they give you a “DreamCard,” which you swipe in when you sit down at the table, and which earns you $1.50/hour while you’re there. And every now and then you’ll get a free $20 on the card. So… breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts — swipe the card. Dinner at Fuddruckers — swipe the card. I literally never touch money when I’m down here (except to buy chips).  Throw in free dog-sitting (big SNOOTY SHOUT-OUTS to Bob & Cathy Cunha), and seriously, people: behold the wonder of it all. For realsies.



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2 responses to “The wonder of it all

  1. Wendy

    wow, that IS wondrous! I’m off to Vegas next week – my first trip there – and although I’m not a gambler, I may have to play around with something. Suggestions? Can you teach me how to beat the house in less than a week?

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