OSF part III — pictures

Snoots in his BRAND-NEW ox-blood bandana.

Thirty minutes later, the bandana has miraculously survived the Braveheart-cowshit-face-painting session.

Vargo & Snoots

A locust tree's trunk (beer bottle for scale)

Keller and Vargo game-planning how to get the Bush-Hog off the truck bed.

Greg's foxhounds in their trailer, post-foxhunt.

Dinner and a Campfire.

The side of the barn for night-time movies and Rock Band.

Keller's MASSIVE woodpile.

From the driver's seat of my Jeep.

Onboard the tractor, looking back at Keller & Van

Keller punishing a fallen pine tree.

Hard to tell (thanks to my camera) but this is "My Favorite Year," on the side of the barn, from about 100 feet away.

The new font (right) making inroads on highway signs in the Mid-Atlantic.

Yes, it's really that depressing living in Delaware.


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One response to “OSF part III — pictures

  1. Nice post, love the pics, and you paint a lovely picture of your time on the farm. I can see why you love it.

    Snoots with cow shite on his face is hilarious and very Braveheart.

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