Idol pre-game

1. Alicia Keys is the host, and the kids have a 77-song set list from which to choose. Some possible highlights (for Crystal & Siobhan): “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler, “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House, and “Changes” by David Bowie.

2. The show is only scheduled for 59 minutes, with seven singers. This means that they’re really going to have to keep things moving, and that is not the strong suit of whoever’s calling the shots in the control room. Last week’s show was 90 minutes for nine singers, and the final three singers all got super-quick insta-feedback from the judges because the show was running long. How about cutting the two-minute long piece telling us about Elvis Presley’s impact on music? Or better yet, all of Seacrest’s bullshit? Last week Assface added the following to his already-extensive track record of inappropriateness: (a) the tongue remark with Adam Lambert [another piece that went way too long]; (b) telling Katie she was “blossoming”; (c) riffing with his mom in the audience [the show’s running long, but that stays? Really?]; (d) needlessly slamming Brian Dunkleman, the guy with whom he co-hosted the first AI season. Oh, Ryan… what a big man you are.

3. The judges’ feedback to Siobhan. I personally loved her take on “Suspicious Minds” (a song that usually makes me instantly change the station), and her subsequent “don’t pretend that you know me, cuz I don’t even know myself” remark to Simon et. al. after their critiques. Good for fucking her. I’m mildly curious if the judges take a softer stance on her tonight (especially if she rocks out).



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3 responses to “Idol pre-game

  1. Wendy

    Who is going home?

  2. Who do you think? Casey?

  3. You are due for a post, young man.

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