OSF part II

Forget The Masters; getting vehicles stuck in mud at Orange Springs Farm is a tradition unlike any other. Happens all the time. And you learn that it’s a good thing… maybe the best of things… and no good thing ever dies. Because it leads to the team-building exercise of getting the vehicle un-stuck.

Last Wednesday was a somewhat normal day at OSF. Keller was on a MISSION to collect, chop, and store unGodly amounts of firewood. His focus on this particular day was a poplar tree that had fallen across the creek, about 1500 feet away from farm HQ. He and Van headed down; Keller in the tractor, Van in an old, beat-up pickup known here as The Bogger. I was a little behind (having spent the previous night in DC) and got ready to follow them in my Jeep.
Events unfolded thusly:
1. The two of them reach the tree and begin work.
2. I get My Jeep stuck in the deep, wet mud and grass. Walk the rest of the way.
3. Later, when the job is complete, and the [ton or so of] wood loaded in The Bogger, we head back. Van, in The Bogger, inexplicably calls an audible and tries a different route back, into a far wetter patch of land.
4. I look back at Keller, who is headed my way — to pull my Jeep out — and point to Van just as Van gets stuck. Keller changes course to Van, and pulls him out.
5. Keller heads back over to pull me out, but the tractor decides to join the party, and it gets stuck. I head over and pull him out, chaining the bucket of the tractor to a tree.
6. Finally (and not all that easily) Keller pulls my Jeep out.

Here’s a picture of The Bogger a few days after, stuck and awaiting rescue from the tractor.

The very next day, the shoe was on the other foot — the tractor required a rescue, and The Bogger stepped up.



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3 responses to “OSF part II

  1. Wendy

    I suspect Keller creates this mud strictly to achieve team-building. Thoughts?

  2. Keller loves Team Building exercises. Snooty looks non-plussed.

  3. CBG

    Meant to tell you that through some peculiar vetinary yearning, I was riveted by Snoot’s dental adventures. The pictures were……….realistic.

    Not to belittle Snoot’s difficult day but the tractors saga and the accompanying chart read like a World War I recon mission.

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