Orange Springs Farm, pt. 1

Two highlights from the drive down to Virginia Thursday night:
(1) For years, there had been a sign on I-84 in Western Mass. that drove me bonkers. It read:


Which, when sounded out loud, worked. Visually and grammatically…. not. Well, I’m pleased to announce that in the past six months, they have added an apostrophe and an S to the sign — noticeably shinier than the rest of the letters, their outlines quite conspicuous. It’s hilarious.

(2) At roughly 2 a.m. in Southern Maryland, I was driving very non-aggressively in the 3rd lane (from the right) of the 4-lane DC Beltway, following two cars who were doing roughly 65 in a 55. A Maryland state trooper slowly passed us in the 1st (slow) lane and hung out there, doing 65 or so himself. This had the effect of backing up traffic, and leaving the 4th (fastest) lane completely empty. After 10 or 15 minutes of this, two cars passed me in the left lane. The first quickly grasped the situation upon seeing the cop, hit his brakes, and pulled in front of me. The second driver was not as perceptive, and in all likelihood had no direct sightline with the Trooper. Intoxicated by the vision of so much open highway in front of him, he began passing everyone, and I said a prayer (not for him). It took all of three or four seconds before the cop sprang into action, lights a-flashing, as Snooty and I (literally) whooped it up in the car.

Friday I found a copy of “Infinite Jest” in the farm library. I’m eighty pages in, and loving it, though I did just reach the first mega-footnote (in this case, eight pages long).

Here are some pictures I took Saturday on a walk with Snooty around the farm.

The horse on the right was sired by Northern Dancer, winner of the 1964 Kentucky Derby and Preakness

Looking up at the house (center) and smokehouse (right)

Just snooting around

Good chance the Jeep will get stuck here in the next few days

The ladies

Douching it up

Reminiscent of the old computer game "Oregon Trail" -- we might've lost Snoots if we forded the river here



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3 responses to “Orange Springs Farm, pt. 1

  1. Wendy

    who sired Snoots?

  2. nana Debi

    Great pictures Tyler, I love all the single “ladies” standing in the field watching you. Whose farm is this? so gorgeous.

  3. Brad

    Where’s Clyde? This must be the best time of year there…

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