Tyler Mathers is… “The House-Sitter”

Tyler Mathers is a hotshot Wall Street executive with everything going for him. But now, he’s about to become… [record scratch]… a house-sitter.  And he’s going to discover that living in a million-dollar loft isn’t all it’s cracked up to be! Tyler Mathers is… “The House-Sitter.” Rated PG-13.

There are photos below; if you’d like a video walk-through, watch this segment of “This Old House” from 2006, when my friends bought the dump.

And big and belated SNOOTY SHOUT-OUTS to my niece and West Coast Goddaughter Wynne (who turned one yesterday), and her mommy Linsey. Snoots says to tell Otis to suck it!

Pool table and living room/entertainment center

Wide shot of second floor; kitchen in bkgrd.


Master bathroom (third floor)

On the roofdeck looking toward downtown Boston



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2 responses to “Tyler Mathers is… “The House-Sitter”

  1. Brad

    I will tell Otis just that, verbatim, but I don’t want him to be confused that he’s also receiving a Snooty Shout Out… he’s been a little shit lately.

  2. Dana

    Feh. What’s the big deal of having a million dollar loft when your neighbors have a paved lawn, with a Mary on the Half Shell and old toilets.

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