Spring Fever, Poker, Cilantro, and Idol thoughts

For those of you who do NOT live in Boston, spring has finally arrived here. It’s absolutely gorgeous out, and we really needed some sunshine after the mega-rainstorm of last Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon, which flooded lots of Mass. and which the Globe said would have been equivalent to eighty inches of snow. So, for the first time in 2010, the flip-flops came out of storage, and I’m enjoying the day on my deck. This is what it would look like if you were in my bedroom:

And if you are in my bedroom, get the hell out! Oh — but could you grab me another beer first? Thanks. You’re a dollface.

This morning at the dog park, Snoots barked at/chased (several times, in fact) at a big male (un-neutered) dog with the depressing name of Ken. They eventually worked their differences out, but it was probably only the 4th or 5th time in his life he’s gotten all up in the grill of another dog. An unbiased third party (the woman who walks Abby)– was shocked — shocked — and said as much. Snoots’ reputation as a chilled-out entertainer is known far and wide in Somerville. So his outburst today qualifies as news on an otherwise slow day.

Then we settled down for a nice afternoon of watching the NCAA and playing poker. For those of you who don’t know, when I’m not doing real work, I make most of my money playing poker, either online or at Foxwoods. Here’s what I spend several hours a day looking at:

My screen name is “Sneuticles”; a while back I googled “Sneuticles” to check out “brag hands” that other people had played online against me, to see if there were any big pots I had lost to bluffs or whatnot. Instead, I found this, which I really got a charge out of.

Speaking of my dog (as I frequently am), a big SNOOTY SHOUT-OUT to my dear friend Dana Roberts Chaffee, whose blog The Cilantro Critic inspired me to start this bitch. If you like pictures of adorable babies (in this case, my East Coast Goddaughter, Clara), and cooking/foodie insights, (for all you do) this blog’s for you. Here’s Dana, Clara, and My Boy Stu, a.k.a. “The Stud” (apparently taking a trip to a third-world country):

Final thoughts on Idol:

1. I loved how Ryan teed up that first performer, Orianthi, with the term “pioneering,” then she proceeded to deliver the most generic-sounding song (which I envision as the theme to some god-awful Friends knockoff) with the incredibly cliched black-leather outfit and even more cliched fan to blow her hair around.

2. I also had never heard of the chart-topping (I’m told) Ke$ha, and I wasn’t missing jack shit, apparently. How fucking pretentious can one person be, spelling her name like that. Maybe I’ll move to the UK and change my name to Ty£er.

3. When they came back from the last break (to announce whether it would be Paige or Lacey “singing for their lives”), I thought it would have been hilarious if, during the break, they had set up, on stage, the string quartet from Tuesday night that performed with Lacey. Woulda been sort of a giveaway.

4. And the way the judges talk during the singing-for-their-lives performances continues to bother me.

5. And how awesome was it that Crystal and Siobhan had the coolest car designs? There’s nothing they can’t do. Though I was kinda hoping Siobhan’s would have five wheels, and wings, and flashing lights in a circle around it.



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11 responses to “Spring Fever, Poker, Cilantro, and Idol thoughts

  1. Mayo

    hi Tyler. awesome as usual.
    your name re-spelling would be awesome, except they don’t use the euro in the UK. move to germany, convert to Tyl€r, and you’re all set.
    just keepin’ it real, dog.

  2. Dana

    Tour-de-force. Highlight includes the “shock” from the eye witness at the dog park.

  3. Wendy

    Fabulous snapshot of a day in the life of Tyler and Snoots.
    Quite astonished to hear that Snoots behaved so today, but I can only assume that he suspected Ken of being a bad egg, and on behalf of the city of Somerville, I thank him for sniffing him out, so to speak.
    Thoughts on Andrew Garcia surviving a brutal performance? I didn’t think he stood a chance, given that he has zero sex appeal and hasn’t mentioned his love of God or Country yet. I thought Lacey was “tayrribul” but figured Mainstream America would eat up her church singing ways. I’ll never get a handle on the AI voters.
    Trust me that Ke$ha’s album is much better than her performance. Pathetic because that’s not how true artists usually work, but it’s true. It is one goddamn catchy dance album.

  4. nana Debi

    Tyler, great blog, I really enjoyed reading about Snoots, he’s a pretty cool dog, for not being a poodle!

    As for AI, I really like Crystal, she is who she is and has a fab voice, Andrew needs to go home, he is just awfuuuullll!! I thought Lacey had a cool voice as well, but according to Winky is a bible thumper, and God knows I live around enough of those so I was not too terribly disappointed she went. I also really like the girl from Cape Crud I mean Cape Cod, she is kinda quirkey with a good voice. So that is my take on AI, don’t know yet who will win it all but I am thinking Crystal,time will tell.

    I too am attached to the tv watching the NCAA, got screwed in one of my brackets today by Old Dom. got Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, ( hey I am a big fan for over 20 yrs, and one can only hope) and Pitt, with Kansas and Ky in the final with Ky taking it all, thoughts?

  5. Here via the Cilantro Critic, of course.

    Maybe seeing Ellie dance to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok would improve your opinion. We can let you know next time she’s touring Whittier Place.

  6. Linsey & Wynne

    “…a big male (un-neutered) dog with the depressing name of Ken…” made me snort-laugh. Wynne finally got down and dirty with a piece of birthday cake last night- it was everywhere and Otis was in heaven. Hope you got our thank you text for the fabulous gifts? Wynne likes the screen saver on her phone:)

  7. nana Debi

    Love the blog, so funny and great comments on everything. I love watching AI! I love Crystal though she does need to do something with her hair and get some eyeteeth! She does have a wonderful voice as does Siobhan, she is really cool. I also like Adam (?) I think that’s his name, he plays the guitar, no not Kasey the short dude with the really nice eyes. Anyway, it will come down to him and Crystal, with Crystal taking it all, she is just so comfortable on the stage. So those are my thoughts.

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