You don’t mess with The Siobhan

Three really good Idol recaps: Michael Slezak’s typical Michener-esque, gay-as-Christmas (not that there’s anything wrong with that) article at; this very even-keeled one at zap2it; and finally, at the pessimistic side of the spectrum,

Not to sound too much like Randy Jackson (especially for someone who once dated a girl who WENT TO FUCKING HARVARD… BANG!) but I didn’t “love love LOVE” The Siobhan’s number… “it wasn’t my favorite performance of yours, for you, for me”… “you know I’m a fan, though, right?” Still, she made it obvious that she is in a completely different league than 10/11 of the competition.

[EFFORTLESS SEGUE] Two people have wondered aloud whether The Powers That Be “did something with Crystal’s teeth.” I didn’t notice, but something in me considered her downright attractive last night for the first time.

Those of you who either work for Yahoo!, or have ties to their employees greater than mine (not a blood relative, just the fucking GODFATHER TO YOUR KID), know (now) that I harbor a deep resentment to your Yahoo! Idol pool. Well let’s reach across the aisle and sing Kumbaya, bitches, because thanks to Friend Of The Blog Karen Sheehan, I’m in one. Suck it dry! I’ve got Andrew leaving tonight, and Lee (!) winning it all, because in my four years of watching this show, the best singers (namely Melinda and Adam Lambert) don’t seem to win. A small SNOOTY SHOUT-OUT to Karen’s brother-in-law Mark Allen for letting me play.

And apologies to my brother, who Tivo’ed Idol for the first time last night. He’s a fairly big Stones fan, the lead guitarist of  The Vergers, and was hotly anticipating a series of Train Wrecks last night. “Sorry, baby brother” (Lost reference); by my count there were only two. And while you were out, I sold all your furniture.

PS: I hope You All Everybody find the title of this post as smugly clever as I do — on the episode of Jeopardy! that aired immediately before Idol, there was a category of Film Titles In Other Countries, and the $2000 clue was for “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan.” I was the only one of the four of us to get it right. (Karen — where was Amy Smythe from First Center?)



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4 responses to “You don’t mess with The Siobhan

  1. Wendy

    I’ve got Andrew out tonight, and Siobhan winning it all. But I think her autistic/ artistic ratio may veer too much towards the quirky for Mainstream America.

  2. Wendy

    p.s. My friend loaned me Adam Lambert’s cd and I really like it. It’s screechy and sometimes verrrry Musical Thee-ate-err or Showtunesy, but often quite good. I read a review that “Listening to this CD is like trying to mix together vanilla ice cream and ketchup, then top it off with sprinkles and a pickle – it just doesn’t work.” but I disagree. It’s totally fun for dancing or working out – two things which I try to combine whenever possible, as they are more compatible than ice cream and ketchup.

    • LinseyMathers

      WTF, BRAD DVR’ed American Idol??? This, brother in law of mine, is fodder for a lot of ribbing tonight. Fun! (BTW, yesterday he chased Wynne all over the house trying to snag her Boston Scooby-Doo doll and she was screaming with laughter– good times. We miss you!)

  3. Well I just put my vote in the YAHOO! Idol Pool, and I chose Lacey Underalls to go home. And Shioban to win it all.


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